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Upcycled Crafts with An Urban Twist

At It's The Remix: Design Studio we specialize in the urban side of arts & crafts, handcrafted jewelry, interior design and organization.


It's The Remix: Design Studio

Upcycled Crafts with an Urban Twist

At It's The Remix: Design Studio we love arts and crafts, which is why we opened up in the first place - it was a chance to build a beloved hobby into a business. Our goods are unique and influenced by our heritage and the culture of Hip-Hop.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll always do our best to create a product that is one of a kind and of great quality. We’d love to meet you soon and get you on your way to creating beautiful masterpieces using our blog and tips posts! 

We hope you see something you love!


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Want to brush up on your crafting skills? We’ve got you covered. In this section, you can find inspirational articles, success stories, failures, do-overs, tutorials and more. It’s our way of getting you involved in all the cool things we do every day. Take a look at our different resources, and click on a link to get started.



April 7, 2018

Ever find something totally cute in the back of your closet...only to discover it's been damaged from being buried beneath your wardrobe? Don't throw it it or remix it. 

This little clutch lost its foliage. So...I took a trip to the Dollar Tree! $2 brought this baby back to life. She is ready for the spring and summer! All it took was a little bit of Hot Glue and some scissors! 


April 7, 2018

Make these funky Scrabble Tiles for less than $8 Dollars!!!

All you need is:

*A set of $5 Cork Tiles from Michael's, Wal-Mart or any craft supplier

*2 Black Sharpies

*6-8" Letter Stencils

*Small Number Stencils

Use a ruler to center and space your letters and numbers. Google Scrabble images to use as a guide. Trace the letter and number onto the tile and simply fill in with a black Sharpie. 

You may need a 2nd coat depending on your preference. You can seal it with Polyacrylic or simply leave "as is"...

It's That Simple! What a cool Remix for less than the price of a combo! 

Make your favorite phrase, name or make a statement!


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